Law for the Environmental Grassroots:  Working to build the power of the grassroots – and the environmental movement – by expanding access to justice

“Law for the Environmental Grassroots” (LEG) is both a concept and a new collaboration. We believe that a strong environmental movement can only be achieved by building the strength of grassroots organizations, and that the expansion of access to legal resources by the grassroots is a critical component of that effort. Our mission is to increase resources available to the grassroots, develop opportunities for interested attorneys, and build a common sense of purpose and power between the two.

do_what_thou_wilt_shall_be_the_whole_of_the_law__by_klfoster-d570i45ecology-158929_640It is time to act because we are all members of communities and because environmental justice ties into and affects everything from democratic participation to health to economic resiliency. Environmental justice is not only about re-siting power plants or removing toxins: it is about ensuring that everyone has access to basic human rights, dignity and quality of life, and the ability to meaningfully participate in decisions that affect their lives and communities.

This website is intended to be interactive, a continual work in progress/progressive work, and welcomes feedback of all kinds.

  • To contact us: email us at lawforenvgrassroots@gmail.com
  • To learn more about who we are and what we do, visit the ‘About LEG page
  • The ‘Why?‘ page outlines why access to legal resources is critical
  • Our Services‘ outlines LEG’s in-house matchmaking and connecting services
  • The ‘Your Tools‘ page lists legal resource tools for grassroots organizations
  • The ‘Get Involved‘ page invites visitors to help develop the LEG concept
  • Finally, for up-to-date news – please visit the blog – and please feel free to comment on pages or posts, or we need and welcome your input!