Mission and Goals

LEG is both a concept and a new collaboration. We believe that a strong environmental movement can only be achieved by building the strength of grassroots organizations, and that the expansion of access to legal resources by the grassroots is a critical component of that effort.

Our mission is to expand that legal access – by developing opportunities for the legal sector, increasing resources available to the grassroots, and building a common sense of purpose and power between the two. Our ultimate vision is a world where all environmental organizations, whatever their focus or size, are able to access to the legal services they need, and that any attorney who wants to work on environmental issues has the opportunity to do so.

To realize this mission, LEG aims to:

  1. help grassroots organizations identify their legal needs (whether organizational or mission-related) and match them with appropriate legal resources;
  2. coordinate and strengthen connections between existing legal service providers, related initiatives, and grassroots groups;
  3. help expand the variety and accessibility of legal resources available to grassroots groups.

The project was inspired by the Overbrook Foundation-supported “Building Equity & Alignment = Impact,” which was formed in the belief that – to increase the collective impact of the environmental movement – we need to increase alignment and equity within the movement overall.  And, at its first meeting in 2013, B-Initiative participants (40 representatives from mostly grassroots groups) highlighted a lack of access to legal resources – both transactional and topical – as a major challenge.