Why Connecting?

Many valuable projects and ideas would benefit from being able to access existing networks and resources, and tapping into existing structures would accelerate the pace of positive change. LEG will work to provide a central space for new initiatives or groups to connect with established organizations, whether legal, policy or science-based.

We will work with legal service providers and grassroots groups to develop and make available online intake and data collection tools to help streamline the process of identifying common legal issues. Similarly, we know how frustrating it can be for recent graduates to find environmentally-focused work in public interest (or private) law, in part because of the resource constraints of even the largest organizations. And many exciting new ideas or initiatives can struggle if there’s no one to help build it with, or if they have to build up contacts and partnerships anew each time. LEG wants to provide a space to help connect new ideas to existing projects or to potential partners (think an interactive job board listing ideas as well as job openings).

Connecting with LEG can help if:

  • You are working on a project or initiative and would like help connecting to LEG’s network of organizations;
  • You are interested in coordinating or being involved in one of the following initiatives under development/consideration:
    • Creating videos or other interactive media on legal environmental issues
    • Environmental Justice CLEs/Trainings
    • Hosting Law School Events
  • Any of the other ideas listed in the below project map
  • Have another idea!

Please contact us at

Draft Project Map (direct weblink here)