The ‘Your Tools’ pages provide information (both curated and crowd-sourced) and access to self-help resources. By contrast, the ‘Our Services‘ pages are for services that Law for the Environmental Grassroots (LEG) currently provides in-house and the services that it could potentially offer in the future.

There a growing number of exciting initiatives and tools designed to make the legal process and accessing information more transparent and less difficult. In its ‘Your Tools’ section, LEG aims to aggregate information on existing initiatives, and build new ones where useful. For example, our ‘Directory of Legal Service Providers’ is an open database of law firm and public interest law offices nationwide that focus on environmental issues. Our ‘Citizen Science’ page provides information on who can help you collect scientific data. And our ‘Toolkits’ pages aim to provide usable tools on specific issues (like PCBs or brownfields).

List of Current Tools

  1. Legal Service Database
  2. Database of potential Funding Resources
  3. Citizen Science Information
  4. Toolkits by Topic
  5. Toolkits by Process
  6. Mapping & Database of networks and grassroots organizations